Los Cristianos – charming place to live in Tenerife


Los Cristianos is a place with adorable atmosphere, this beach, back in the sixties, was one of the first to launch mass tourism, when Tenerife was just beginning to present its charms to the world. The shelter of the neighbouring port gives its waters an ideal calm for lovers of tranquillity. Beaches of white sand, with all the services within easy reach and located in the heart of the south of the island. For all this qualities Los Cristianos has developed residential areas with luxury properties. Tenerife is a promise of comfort and high standard, as pointed by http://www.sun4free.com/property , one of the biggest estate agencies in the area. Base on this data Los Cristianos is a place worth to check if you looking for buy a luxury property Tenerife.


 looking for buy a luxury property Tenerife.

Buy a luxury property Tenerife.


More information about Tenerife

  • Type of coast: volcanic, usually accessible
  • Type of beaches: sand, black and volcanic or golden, coexists with some places where stones predominate
  • Usual state of the sea: from calm to average swell
  • Average water temperature in summer: around 22º
  • Average ambient temperature in summer: 25-28º




The best about the area is the diversity of beaches: black or yellow sand, for relax or adventurers, urban or near-virgin forests, in the south and north …

The small town of Los Cristianos has two beaches: Los Cristianos and Las Vistas, separated from each other by the Port, although in fact the tourist brochures do not usually distinguish between them and everything is known as „Los Cristianos”. For been a small village, attract those sinking for tranquillity, in both beaches you can find some of the many luxury properties in Tenerife ( http://www.spain-tenerife.com/en/places/cristianos.html ) , all build with comfort and style.



For those into sport, you can also find volleyball nets, where sometimes there are championships. The sand is fine and volcanic (although not excessively black), and the waters are calm, without waves, as they are fully protected by the huge pier of the harbour next door. It is surrounded by a lively promenade. With no doubt Los Cristianos is a place with charm, and an option to consider if you seeking for a luxury property in Tenerife.